Do you believe this is True?  It is true. How do I know? When I look back over my life and the lives of all the people I know and have worked with throughout the years I see how many challenges we have all walked through. I see how much we have all changed and grown. I see how much we have truly overcome. When you look back over your life do you see that this is true? It’s strange how our surface or ego mind continually searches for what we have not done and doesn’t usually look back and acknowledge what we have accomplished, how much we’ve changed and how much we’ve grown, and how amazing we truly are.

The truth is there will always be things that we have not yet completed or overcome. This is the core of the human experience, because all of our growth comes from overcoming life challenges and stepping into new life experiences.

 “Everything that happens in our life is a catalyst for change and growth” ~Panache Desai

 You are always in the process of something, this is the natural way of life.  However, when you only focus on what you have not yet accomplished, what has to done, or what hasn’t happened yet it causes you to see yourself as “not-enough” perhaps defective, or not living up to your purpose or calling.

What about all the things you have done?

  •  What about all of the troubling or limiting situations you have overcome?
  •  What about all of amazing and powerful things you have learned? 
  •  What about the unfailing courage you have demonstrated along the way, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds?

Turn your focus to what you have done.  Answer these questions and begin to see how Amazing YOU truly are.

Here’s one Truth that will help you along the way

Everything you have ever done, and everything you now do is actually the best you can do based on who you are and what you know at that time.  Each experience is a learning opportunity.   

Remember this and let it sink into your heart and mind. This will magnify your ability to create more goodness in your life and the lives of others.