Amazing You,

The inner critic has a loud voice in your head most of the time.  It’s goal is to keep you stuck where you are. It does not want you to truly believe in yourself because if you do you will be able to make big changes in your life.  The ego fears change.

However your True Self (me) wants to create a more joyful, fun, and thriving life experience. When you believe in yourself you create a much better life for yourself. And you add more peace, love and joy to this world.

It is my intention to help you tap into your most amazing self.  And here is one great way to do it.

Take a few minutes every day and make a list of 5 things you:

1) Appreciate about yourself, and
2) Appreciate about your physical body, and
3) Appreciate about your life

Every day make a list of 5 different things you appreciate.  This will help your sub-conscious mind begin to focus on what is great about you, your life and your body.

The more you focus on what is working the quieter the ego mind becomes.

As always I am here to support you fully in remembering the Truth of Who You Are, the Amazing YOU!

 The True YOU