Karma Clearing

Have you been trying over and over to make changes in your life but nothing is happening?
Do you have continual feelings of guilt, self-judgement, or unworthiness?
Are you resistant to taking the actions that will bring you the results you want?
This is evidence that Karmic patterns are standing in your way.
Clear your Karma, and your life will change for the better.

"History repeats itself until we learn from it and change our path."
~ The Law of Change from the 12 Laws of Karma

What is Modern Day Karma?

A brief history of Karma  In the past, it was believed that Karma was a punishment or an atonement that a person needed to live through so that they would be forgiven for past life wrong-doings.  It was believed that one could not overcome Karma until they lived through the painful experience that cleared the Karma away.

It turns out that the old definition is not what Karma is at all.  In today’s modern world we have become aware of the fact that Karma is actually a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of an experience that has taken place in our past, that is creating unnecessary limitations in this current life experience, holding you back from the peace, joy, prosperity, and love you desire and absolutely deserve.

How does Karma affect your life today? The problem with Karma is that it is hidden in your subconscious mind, standing guard, trying to protect you from something that is no longer a threat. As it tries to protect you it triggers deep internal feelings of fear, self-doubt, guilt, unworthiness, depression, and even hopelessness.    Karmic patterns are what create the thought patterns that keep you from feeling worthy of what you want to attain in your life.

How you feel about yourself on the inside is what you create on the outside. 

The most direct path to overcoming the limitations and challenges that Karma presents in your life today is to clear the Karma so it no longer limits you or holds you back.

The benefits of clearing Karma

How does Karma clearing benefit your life?  Karma is impossible for you to see, because it lives within your subconscious mind.  You have blinders that keep you from seeing what lies within that part of your mind.  Yet that part of your mind controls 90% of your thoughts and your actions.   This is what causes those feelings of stuckness, fear, guilt, frustration, and causes you to give up on what you really want.

Karma clearing sessions give you an opportunity to:

  • Tap into the hidden part of your mind and clear what isn’t working
  • Put an end to the frustration and stuckness you have been experiencing
  • Set intentions for replacing Karmic patterns with self-honoring patterns, choices and decisions.
  • Be able to start taking consistent self-supportive actions
  • Create more joy, peace, prosperity, and contentment
  • Believe in yourself in bigger ways creating more success and fulfillment in your life.

As a Modern Day Karma Clearing Guide I use my intuitive abilities, Karma Clearing skills  and  spiritual life coaching experience to tap into what is holding you back. Then I clear those subconscious beliefs and limitations energetically from your mind, body and spirit.

I  know you.  I know that you have been working on shifting your thoughts and actions to create a better life.

I know that when you try this over and over again and nothing changes it causes lots of frustration and even causes you to give up.

I can say from first-hand experience “DON”T GIVE UP”!

Clear your modern day Karmic patterns and begin to step more fully into the life you desire and deserve.

"When we change ourselves our lives follow suit and change too."
~The Law of Growth from the 12 Laws of Karma

Benefits of Karma Clearing Sessions

Believe in Yourself

Release feelings of guilt, shame or self-condemnation.  Release feelings of unworthiness or insecurity. Tap into your own self-love, self-acceptance and self-trust. Become the creator of the amazing life you are meant to live.

Overcome Financial Challenges

Identify and overcome what is blocking your prosperity flow.   Create more abundance in your life. Give yourself the freedom to live your purpose, love your life, prosper and thrive.

Create More Loving Relationships

Remove any blocks to having the loving relationships you seek.  Allow yourself to call in your soul-mate or improve your existing relationship.  Create better friendships.  Add more love to your life.

"Karma, when properly understood, is just the mechanics through which consciousness manifests." ~Deepak Chopra

With over 30 years of business knowledge and 20 years of intuitive and visionary support of clients, I help you make self-honoring decisions and successful choices.

how do i work?
My intention for each session is to be of maximum service to YOU for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.   All sessions are conducted virtually through Zoom or by phone in the comfort of your own home.  I look forward to serving you.
Modern Day Karma Clearing Session Packages

I have been facilitating Modern Day Karma Clearing sessions for my clients since 2008.  I am grateful that I have been intuitively guided into the processes that help people step out of their Karmic limitations. It has been a true joy to witness the freedom and increased prosperity, love and self-acceptance that is the result of this work.   If you have been feeling stuck, frustrated or you know that there is something you need to clear I would love to work with you.

Karma Clearing Session

$ 185 / Session
  •  1 Session
  • 60 – 90 minutes
  • Sessions are Virtual

"The only real valuable thing is intuition" ~Albert Einstein

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