Intuition is a deep inner knowing that lives within everyone.  It is your unique guidance, your own inner truth. 

What stops you from hearing your true inner knowing, your intuition, is the inner fear that also lives within.  The inner fear lives within the ego mind.  It comes through as self-judgment, self-criticism, fear and doubt.

The fear is louder than the intuition so it keeps it blocked.  Or, sometimes you hear or feel your intuition, however you don’t trust it so you don’t take it seriously.

There are 2 steps to expanding your intuition:

1.     Learn how to listen-in to your intuition

2.     Clear your inner fear, self-doubt and self-criticism.

Fear of change and self-criticism are the major causes of business and money issues. Why?  Because fear and self-judgment stops you from hearing or trusting your true inner knowing.