I am often asked,  “What makes intuitive coaching so powerful? And, why hasn’t coaching courses I’ve taken in the past worked for me?”

The answer is actually quite simple and is based on an important Truth.

That Truth is: You are unique.  Your path is unique.  Your gifts and talents are unique. Your challenges are unique.

Why does that matter? 

Because most courses and programs give you information that applies to some people some of the time.

Unfortunately, that information does not work for everyone all of the time.

Why not?

Because each person is unique. A uniform solution does not address the uniqueness of each individual seeking a solution to what appears on the surface to be similar challenges.

The problem with the traditional approach is actually two-fold:

  • It causes you to believe that you are not doing it “right” because the solution doesn’t work for you. This causes self-denial and self-criticism which makes your problems even bigger.
  • It causes you to waste your time and money trying to overcome a situation that cannot be resolved for you, personally, using the methodology being taught

I have learned what I’m sharing with you through cold, hard, first-hand experience.

I’ve spent $10’s of thousands of dollars on coaching programs and not gotten anywhere with them. Believe me when I tell you, I truly understand the frustration.

Why is Intuitive Coaching different and how can it work for you? 

Intuitive coaching sessions are tailored for you, individually. Together, we tap into your unique path, your unique circumstances and your unique solutions. 

Within several sessions you will have a level of clarity about why your circumstances are being created and how you can best move through them to achieve the results you are seeking. 

When I add energy clearing processes to your sessions and guide you into taking the most effective steps you can take, your life becomes amazing… and you begin to see yourself as Amazing too.

When you remember the fact that YOU are truly Amazing and bring personalized solutions and clarity to your unique situation, the self-denial, self-criticism and self-doubt that may be holding you back today will seemingly vanish.

The door opens for your Light to shine brightly and make the difference in the world that only YOU can make.