Business Intuitive Sessions

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~Steve Jobs

Why is business intuition so important?

Times are changing quickly. What used to work for businesses in the past simply is not working anymore.  Each business and each person has a unique purpose and faces unique challenges.  No one, single business solution will solve all problems.
Intuition is the magic you need to create miracles in your business. Intuitive clarity focuses in on your unique core issues — making it easy to overcome any challenges; while at the same time inspiring you to see and step into new opportunities that create amazing results.

Intuitive Business Sessions

I use my intuitive abilities and my business background to assist you in overcoming any challenges that are holding you back.  I help you move forward, step by step, so you can achieve higher levels of success and prosperity.

Amazing Session Results

  • – Remove fears and blocks that inhibit your success
  • – Overcome business obstacles
  • – Achieve your goals more quickly
  • – Overcome revenue and cash flow issues
  • – Gain clarity about your mission, vision, plans & next steps
  • – Receive new and exciting business ideas
  • – Gain insights into relationships with partners, clients, and employees

Additional Benefits

  • – Expand your ability to hear, trust and follow your intuition
  • – Utilize a visionary sounding board to get your best clarity
  • – Deepen your confidence and clarity
  • – Make quick & easy decisions that create fabulous results
Business Intuitive Sessions are designed for:


Currently in business, facing new challenges or want a leading edge?

Intuitive guidance gives you the strength and confidence to make the best choices.   Overcome your challenges easily with higher wisdom.  Take on the leading edge by gaining the clarity necessary to make timely and effective decisions.

New in Business

Are you feeling challenged getting your business up and running? 

As a business intuitive and life purpose guide I work with gifted people just like you, who have an inner calling and important gifts to share with the world yet are challenged in getting started.

Together, through intuitive guidance we get clear about who you are here to serve, and uncover ways you can grow your business or practice and/or get  you started.


Do you need new solutions to solve company issues or challenges? 

Intuitive guidance gives you a new perspective on solving company issues.  It validates new choices and decisions, helps to improve team communications,  and broadens your outlook on the direction your business/ department is heading.

With over 30 years of business knowledge and 20 years of intuitive and visionary support of clients, I help you make self-honoring decisions and successful choices.

how do i work?
My intention for each session is to be of maximum service to YOU so you can reach your highest potential. All sessions are conducted virtually through Zoom or by phone in the comfort of your own home or office.  I look forward to serving you.
What Clients Say
Laura Biswas

Debbie has been my intuitive guide for over 6 years now, guiding me in the best directions both in my business and my personal life.  Her business intuitive skills and ability to guide me through energetic shifts in difficult situations are amazing.  She knows the challenges of small and mid-sized businesses well, which enables her to provide a valuable mix of practical and intuitive support to help grow a business.  

    Joy Brugh
    Woman's Wisdom Coach
    After working with Debbie in just a few weeks I doubled my income and my events were filling up.  I’m so grateful that I signed up for her longer term program.  There is no way I could list all the growth that I had in just one paragraph.  It was leaps and bounds.
      Katy Debra
      Artist and Intuitive Consultant

      Deb is a dynamo! The breadth and depth of her life experience and training is vast, and she brings it ALL to each of her clients in the unique way that each of us needs. She is a one-stop shop if you will: A clear intuitive visionary, energy healer, and life purpose guide meets business and life coach. Her work is the best of so many different programs and classes I have tried along the way. It’s magical and practical.

        Stella Davies
        Vocal Teacher & Reiki Master
        I doubled my income in a month!  Debbie’s intuitive processes removed a huge block of fear from me around success which helped me shift so that I began to deeply value my self and my work.  It also gave me clear direction and vision in ways I could never have imagined.

          "Intuition is a supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer." ~Robert Graves

          Business Intuitive Session Options

          Some clients only need one session at a time. Others have requested monthly intuitive coaching packages so they can work through issues, fears, concerns and complete important projects.  Some clients want me on retainer so they can work with me whenever they have a decision or choice that needs to be made. For this reason, I have created the options below.  Whether you want one session or you want to work with me several times a week, I am here to support you. Your gifts and talents are amazing.  Don’t forget.

          Single Session

          $ 185 / session
          • 1 session
          • 60 – 90 minutes
          • Sessions are Virtual

          3 Session Package

          $ 495 / Package
          • 3 Sessions
          • 60-90 minutes each
          • Sessions are Virtual

          5 Session Package

          $ 745 / Package
          • 5 Sessions
          • 60-90 minutes each
          • Sessions are Virtual

          "The only real valuable thing is intuition" ~Albert Einstein

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