Are you ready to become aware of the #1 thing that has been holding you back from experiencing the thriving life you desire? It’s really very simple.

The # 1 thing that is holding you back from the thriving and wonderful life you envision is a lack of belief in yourself and the feeling of not being enough to have what you truly want.

Is this really true? Take a quick 2 question litmus test and see:
Ask yourself:

–If you are seeking a new romantic relationship; do you feel like you are worthy of attracting the partner you really want? Or, are you scared that you’ll choose the “wrong one”, or that you’re not attractive enough, or thin enough, or affectionate enough?

–If you want a better job or an expansion of your business do you feel that you are already “enough” to have it? Or, do you wonder if you are good enough at what you do?

Why does this happen? Why do we all tend to doubt ourselves?

I have asked this question many times. Throughout the years I’ve been given lots of information and techniques on how to improve self-confidence and self-esteem. I’ve used them all on myself and my clients. I discovered that these techniques worked well for many people but they did not work for everyone.

I finally realized after much research and experience that there is only 1 secret.

Echkart Tolle talks about it in “The Power of Now”.  Tolle tells us that there is a part of the ego that has turned against us. That part is the voice within us that is constantly criticizing us and telling us we are not enough and that we are doing it all wrong. Think about it. The voice that tells you that you are not doing enough is the very same voice that will tell you that you are doing too much. This voice is chattering within you constantly; criticizing and causing you to doubt yourself.

This “inner critic” is activated any time you feel unsure, afraid or are facing change. The “unknown” activates this voice intensely.

Why don’t things change for the better? Change does not occur because the unknown creates fear and fear activates the inner critic enough to keep us from embracing the change we truly desire.

So the #1 secret to success, love and happiness then is learning how to navigate around the inner critic.

What does it take?

  1. Learn to be the observer of the inner critic voice
  2. Learn to be in neutral acceptance of what it is saying
  3. Learn how to shift the fear into excitement and enthusiasm
  4. Be supported in taking steps that help you remember the Truth; that the inner critic is not YOU and is not telling the Truth
  5. Practice, practice, practice: observe, accept, shift and remember the truth – the inner critic is not YOU!
“Only YOU can heal yourself, however you were never meant to do it alone.”

Support and guidance to overturn the inner critic and empower the True YOU can open the door to a brighter tomorrow and enhance every aspect of your life experience.

Don’t suffer alone, in silence. Reach out. Get the support you need to live the life you truly desire instead of anguishing in the life you may be settling for today.

The True YOU is inside, just waiting to be rediscovered. Are you ready to let it come out to play?